11 de abril de 2017


Hi everyone, we're going to talk about some expressions in English.
In fact, a lot of countries we use many (acronyms), expressions or words in English when we talk to our friends or to talk about something cool.
They are so famous, if we don't use them, we know some people that use them, or in songs, etc
These are some examples:

OMG: Oh My God (Gosh). Oh dios mío
YOLO: You Only Live Once. Solo vives una vez.
LOL: Laugh Out Louder. Reir fuertemente
LMAO: Laugh My Ass Off. Me meo de risa
RT: ReTweet. Compartir o opinar lo mismo
FAV: Indicar que es tu favorito
XOXO: Beso, abrazo, beso, abrazo
XD: Emoticono de sorpresa, de emoción
FAIL: Algo que fracasa
At Ramdom: Al azar cualquiera
OK: Vale
BTW: By the way. Por cierto
It's sounds Greek to me: Me suena a griego (aquí diríamos me suena a Chino)
It's raining cats and dogs: Llueve a cántaros
Kiss and make up: Borrón y cuenta nueva
Make my day: Alégrame el día
My goodness: ¡Madre mía!
Not my cup of tea: No es lo mío
It’s a walk in the park: Es muy fácil
Piece of cake:¡Está chupado!
Really?:¿En serio?
Shut up!:¡Cállate!
Take it easy: Tómatelo con calma
Think twice: Piénsalo dos veces
Watch out!:¡Cuidado!
What a shame ¡Qué pena!
What a pity!:¡Qué pena!
Whatever: Lo que sea

I hope you enjoy these words and comment if you know most of them. Bye!

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